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City Coin Technology Berhad – LaundryBar Investment Scheme

City Coin Technology Bhd (“CCTB”) is a member of City Coin Group and principally managing the investment in bringing greater convenience and better improvement to people who are regular users of self-service laundromats. We are the first self-service laundry service provider in Malaysia to be trusted to run an investment scheme that has the potential to lead a better life.

City Coin Group was founded in 2013, is a one-stop business solution platform that focuses on Self-Service Laundromats, Total Laundromat Machinery Solutions, Manufacturing of Laundry Chemicals & Homecare Products, Technology Research & Development, and Development of Digital Solutions in the laundry industry.

The self-service laundry service industry in Malaysia is an industry that tide with our daily necessity. This concept of service provides a superb convenient solution by reducing substantial time wastage on laundry matters. We believed that our time should be used for other constructive matters/works rather than wasted on laundry matters

We added value to our society by providing fast, efficiency and hassle-free solutions to our customers.

According to our study, only less than 8% of the population uses self-service laundry in Malaysia. As such, the growth potential of the industry is enormous, and this is a crucial factor that will contribute to City Coin Group’s continued growth.

Since the commencement of operation in 2013, Laundrybar has grown from strength and to date, more than 400 LaundryBar outlets are operating within Malaysia. LaundryBar takes pride in its 100% success rate in terms of outlets operation thus far and has consistently achieved an average return on investment per year of 30%.

Our main objective is to build a brand not only in Malaysia but the whole South-East Asia, so the organization can achieve Durability, Longevity and Sustainability no matter on what economy climate.

Vision, Mission And Objective


To be the largest self-service laundromat and total laundromat solutions provider in
South East Asia that incorporates cutting-edge technology into its services to attain a competitive edge within the global market.


City Coin Group is committed to make self-service laundry to be part of urban living lifestyle


  • Strong leadership team with strategic vision and clear directions.
  • Innovative Research & Development team.
  • Specialized pool of highly trained and customer focused technical team.
  • Forward thinking and embraces change.

Board Of Directors

Paul Ang Beng Teck

LaundryBar CEO and Founder
Paul Ang Beng Teck is the owner and founder of LaundryBar , also Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of The City Coin Group. Paul who was appointed acting Group CEO on Aug 1, 2014 was confirmed to the position following a board of directors meeting on Nov 20, 2014.
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Sandra Chua Wuan Yeen

LaundryBar Director and Founder
Sandra Chua Wuan Yeen is the Executive Director and Founder of LaundryBar, also group Director of The City Coin Group. She started the self service laundry business with her partner in year 2013.
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CT Choo

LaundryBar Director
CT Choo, B.Ec, LL.B (Monash), LL.M (Malaya) is an Advocate & Solicitor. He was the Legal Officer and Company Secretary for Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd (1988-1992),
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