What is Laundrybar Investment Scheme?
Laundrybar Investment Scheme is a brand-new investment opportunity that takes full advantage of the potential huge market of self-service laundry business. It’s the first Self-service Laundry Interest Scheme approved by Malaysian government and regulated by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
The funds generated from the Scheme will be utilised completely to open new outlet with concept of Laundrybar Mega Store that providing large numbers of machine and spacious space with modern facility to consumer.
What is minimum Interest unit I can purchase and what is the value?
You may purchase minimum of 1 unit Interest Units and each unit value is RM5,000.00 only.
Can I invest a higher sum?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of Interest Unit you can invest in.
Yes. You have 10 days of cooling period after you sign up for the Interest Scheme. You may withdraw at any time during the cooling-off period without any penalties or charges.
How long is the scheme term?
9 Years.
How can I sign up for the Investment scheme?
You can contact our authorised consultant from the Consultant List HERE
Can I transfer the Interest Unit(s) purchased?
Yes. The Interest Units are freely transferable or assignable subject to the terms of the Management Agreement.
What do I get when I purchase the Interest Unit(s)?
After you purchase transaction is successful, you will received an Investment Certificate that contain the Interest Unit(s) details. You need to keep the certificate secure as it is required when making any related transactions.
What is the minimum age for investors?
18 years old.
Can foreigners invest in the Scheme?
Yes, the minimum number of units for foreigners is 3 Interest Units.
Are there other fees that an investor has to pay?
There is NO other fee involved.
What is the forecast average annual rate of return?
The annual rate of return is 8% per annum.
What are the risks involved?
The Scheme Prospectus has listed in detail all the risks involved, which include natural disasters, etc. Please refer to the prospectus for a better understanding of the various risks involved.
Once invested, can I transfer the Scheme ownership to another investor? If so, what is the transfer fee?
The transfer fee will be a sum of RM100.00 only payable to the Management Company in relation to any application for transfer/assignment of the Interest Units.
What is the form of return?
The investment return will be in the form of CASH by online transfer into investor nominated bank account or cheque under registered Investor name.
Can I nominate someone to be the beneficiary of my investment?
Yes, a beneficiary is allowed.
Interest payment is guarantee?
Yes. The obligation was tight with City Coin Group.
What do I get after making the payment?
You will get a Investment Certificate of your investment and need to sign a Management Agreement.