Laundrybar Investment Scheme

Features and Benefits

Issuer City Coin Technology Berhad (1137090-D)
Total Approved Fund Size RM 75 million
Total No. Of Interests units Approved 15,000 Interest Units
Investment Value Per LaundryBar Interest  RM 5,000.00
Investment Returns 8% Yield Return annually per Interest
Scheme Period 20 years
Term Fixed period of 9 years
Transferable The Interest Units are freely transferable or assignable subject to the terms of the Management Agreement
Guaranteed Buy – Back Buy-back of Interests unit after initial 3 years lock-in period
Guaranteed Cooling – off Period 10 Business Days
Eligibility to Invest Malaysians and Foreigners (18 years old and above)
Regulator Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)
Approved Scheme Trustee UBB Amanah Berhad (168400-P)
Financial Auditor SY Lee & Co. (AF1317)

Ensuring Investors’ Benefits At All Times

Annual Interim Yield
High Return
Low Entry
Interest on Maturity
Secure Short-Term Investment
No Additional And Hidden Costs
Invest in The Fast-Growing Self-service Laundry Business
Regulated by Authorities
Audited Every 6 Months for Transparency
Funds Managed By Trustee To Protect Investors’ Interests
Full Capital Protection and Return of Your Full Investment On Maturity
Managed By The Professional And Experienced Team
* Applicants are reminded to read the Prospectus when filling Application Form
* Reference No.: LBIS-W-000002