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1st Self-service Laundry Interest Scheme Approved By SSM.

City Coin Technology Bhd (“CCTB”) has received approval from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (“SSM”) on 22 November 2019 to establish, manage and operate the first self-service laundry interest scheme – Laundrybar Investment Scheme, i.e. a corporate fundraising exercise to support our fast expanding in bringing greater convenience and better improvement to people who are regular users of self-service laundromats. It is also a brand-new opportunity that allows the public to participate in CCTB’s business for long-term capital appreciation and growth.

With an initial investment of RM5,000.00 per interest, investors can enjoy 8% annual yield for a period of 9 years. Our important scheme features,

  • The CCTB Interest Scheme is an investment product issued under the Companies Act 1965. Approved and regulated by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (“SSM”).
  • Provides modern self-service laundry to the community.
  • Trust Deed approved by SSM governs the Laundrybar Investment Scheme (“Scheme”).
  • Prospectus approved by SSM offers public information on the Scheme.

To safeguard investors’ interests,

  • UBB Amanah Berhad has been appointed as Trustees and accountable for monitoring and governing all funds raised through the schemes.
  • SY Lee & Co. has been appointed as Financial Auditor that audits the scheme’s financial performance and ensures all transactions are above board.
  • All of CCTB’s assets are insured by Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad.

We have appointed as the exclusive distributor for Alliance Laundry System (ALS) – IPSO The world’s leading commercial laundry manufacturer from USA. In LaundryBar, we only use America graded machine, which is long-lasting on life span. Quality equipment will provide maximum ROI without always required for heavy maintenance as we believed that our customers deserve to enjoy the highest quality machine and superb washing results.

“Invest to achieve your dream”

More than 200 corporate got listed and approved, we are one of them. Verify our listing on SSM website.

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* Applicants are reminded to read the Prospectus when filling Application Form
* Reference No.: LBIS-W-000004