Substantial Laundry Equipment

LaundryBar’s unique value proposition lies within our role as an exclusive distributor for Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) IPSO washing machines in Malaysia, which incidentally is the only American-grade washing machine that provides 7-year warranties across South East Asia. ALS provides the world finest laundry products and services, and is renowned for their uncompromising levels of quality, reliability and performance. We feel very prestigious to be appointed as the authorised distributor in Malaysia by ALS.

As such, we are very committed to ensuring that quality services are rendered to our clients at all times. This includes setting up of a 24 hours care line to respond promptly to complaints of the machine breakdown. We also possess our own warehouse to ensure equipments and spare parts are readily available and sufficiently stocked to avoid losses during downtime due to inevitable machine breakdown. Apart from the above, we do also cater for potential franchisees to enjoy express set up for their new business within 3 months!

Proven Performance and Reliability

Laundry Bar is an ISO Certified Company on Self Service Laundry and Maintenance. We are an approved franchisor by the government though Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP). We have successfully established 350 outlets across Malaysia within 3 years, with zero failure rates in addition to achieving on average, 30% return on investment per year. Many investors break even within just eighteen months.

Sustainable Business Plan

One does not need to have prior experience in coin operated laundry business in Malaysia if you intend to be our franchisee as we will be providing you with a totally new business solution. The services that LaundryBar renders range from site selection, initial design and construction, testing and installation of machines to brand and marketing campaigns for your new business! We share your concern and understand that it is crucial to select the right location to optimize your business.

Hence, we will utilize our technology equipment to perform a careful evaluation to find a suitable site, involving population check to assist you in the site selection process. We will also ensure that all sites chosen are in compliance with our business radius protection. As a franchisor, we will also continuously support our franchisee by providing premium maintenance service, full training, and lifetime consultancy, with no royalty charges. All these value-added services are provided with the aim to ensure our franchisees consistently earn a steady stream of lucrative income. Do not hesitate anymore, join your first coin operated laundry business in Malaysia with LaundryBar today!

Innovative Research & Development team

Laundry Bar is a pioneer within the Malaysian laundry industry to provide built-in antiseptic and sterilising chemical dispensers into our washing machines. We are also amongst the first in Malaysia to provide free in-house formulated laundry chemicals (detergent, softener, and sanitizer) to our laundry users. Aside from ensuring satisfactory cleaning results, all our self-formulated laundry chemicals are certified Halal.

Over the years, our highly innovative team of engineers have also successfully brought about many positive changes in the industry to enable the use of our washing machines to be more user-friendly. Some of the enhancements and new features include the Card Kiosk System, Chemical Vending Machine, Smart Card and Remote Return Coin System. The Card Kiosk System was introduced to provide maximum customer convenience and a hassle-free experience of having to change and prepare coins to operate the washing machine. The Chemical Vending Machine makes it easy and convenient for customers to purchase our self-formulated LOVAS brand laundry chemicals whenever they are at the premise to do the washing.

Following, The Smart Card system can also be used as a marketing tool, aside from solely a sales performance monitor. Ultimately, the Remote Return Coin System, incorporated with technological advancements, is aimed to refund tokens to unsatisfied customer within 10 seconds. These value added systems were explicitly invented to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Highly trained and customer-focused technical team

We understand the struggle and frustration of experiencing technical issues; hence, we have proposed a zero-downtime solution for all our customers and franchisees. Customers can reach out to our 24-hour helpline should they encounter any issues while using our laundry services. LaundryBar also possesses a group of highly trained (by Alliance Landry Systems USA) and customer-focused technical team that aim to provide support and prompt repairs of malfunctioned washing machines within 24 working hours. We also own service centres in Central, Southern and East Malaysia to support our franchisees across Malaysia.

Targeted Marketing

With the change and evolution of modern technologies, we at Laundry Bar utilize social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase our visibility online and engage our potential customers. Alongside with digital marketing, other marketing campaigns that we employ include Intelligent SMS Marketing, distribution of laundry bags and billboard advertising on highways. On top of that, Laundry Bar also actively participates in trade exhibitions, both locally and internationally to increase brand awareness and attract potential investors.

It is Laundry Bar’s tradition to provide complementary laundry services for every new outlet opening. The objective is to provide the new outlet with a good head start, by providing an incentive to new customers to patronize the new outlet to help boost the new franchisee’s earnings. By doing this, we also wish to reduce the burden of those who require financial assistance through this kind gesture.